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Case Study: Sum Of the Whole


Sum of the Whole is a fintech company that offers homeowners access to the equity they have built up in their home without taking on additional debt, variable interest rates or required monthly payments by sharing in the home's future appreciation or depreciation.



Launch the debut website of

The Challenge

Provide an initial site to test concepts, source investment funds and solidify Sum of the Whole's vision for a future fully-operational website.

The Solution

Gatelets created a system utilizing proprietary workflows and analysis to determine whether an applicant qualifies for an initial equity-share offer, built a custom profile management system using Zillow API integration, and provided customers with a private portal once their request was submitted to track application information and status. We also took this opportunity to again partner with our designer friends at ( for design elements for Sum of the Whole. Future robust features, back-end capabilities, and algorithms will transition this to a fully operational site that will include both real-time home value assessments and equity-share finance offers.

The Result

Sum of the Whole is a great example of a start-up business utilizing a fully operational MVP (minimum-viable product) to test concepts, gather outside feedback, generate leads and raise funding.