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Case Study: College Baseball Match


College Baseball Match (CBM) provides student athletes a solution empowering them to find optimal schools where they can play sports. Started by former collegiate baseball players, college and high school coaches, and professional scouts, CBM uses an athlete's personal academic, financial, and social profile to build a road map for their college sports opportunities.



Develop a prototype in order to work hand-in-hand with student athletes and investors to build the vision and allow the customer to gather feedback early on.


Develop a Beta site to attract and secure investors, initiate student athlete engagement and acquisition, and to encourage high school coaches to enroll in the CBM college preparatory program.


Officially launch College Baseball Match version 1.0 to improve user experience, drive engagement and user acquisitions, and promote the CBM brand.

The Challenge

Find a technical web partner to build a powerful web application that uses an athlete's personal academic, athletic, financial and social profile to build a road map for personalized college baseball opportunities.

The Solution

Initially we worked with CBM to understand the space and objectives. A critical first step was a prototype, which was delivered in less than three weeks. Over 2,000 students used the prototype providing invaluable information for the team to better formulate what the production application would need and how to proceed.

Two months later, Gatelets released a Beta site. This agile approach was vital for CBM as they worked with investors and supported various baseball programs at colleges such as Stanford. Using years of application development experience and a strong understanding of where the application is going, we are disciplined in building a product platform that is flexible and can evolve easily using features such as modular mathematical algorithms and a responsive user interface that can easily morph depending on new and changing needs.

The Result

CBM's proprietary algorithm for connecting athletes to college programs is an industry game changer. Currently, there are over 20,000 active users on the College Baseball Match application. Gatelets is a true technical partner and will continue to support College Baseball Match's evolution for years to come.

Key Features

 Custom API:  Gatelets developed a custom proprietary API for CBM enabling developers to quickly and effectively extend or improve the product.

 Algorithms:   Working with CBM and subject matter experts, Gatelets developed a variety of scoring algorithms. The areas covered include (currently) baseball, academic history, financial situation and social requirements.

 Dashboards:   Personalized user dashboards — the contents are based on a user's subscription status and what they have completed or viewed in the system. The dashboard presents extensive information including scoring, potential colleges and notifications in an easy-to-consume manner.

 Commerce:   CBM currently enables users to subscribe annually to the service and/or use the "Ask a Coach" service. The subscription model enables CBM to define exactly what content a user sees and does not see. Behind the scenes Gatelets Commerce enables CBM to add or modify their offerings with ease.

  Ambassadors:   The Ambassador Program enables CBM to give "ambassadors" special coupons. When a user subscribes to CBM with an Ambassador coupon, the Ambassador gets a reward. CBM has a full system to enable custom coupons, manage Ambassadors and see how the service is being utilized.

  Intelligent Blogging:   Gatelets developed an intelligent blogging environment for CBM — the articles are tied to various factors including whether the athlete has subscribed or not, their graduation year, age, academic or athletic profile and various other factors. Students and parents only see articles useful to them.

  Intelligent Email Communication:   Working with the team, Gatelets built an intuitive email communication platform enabling CBM to email specific students and/or parents at the optimal time. Emails include reminders to signup for events, check scores, prepare for tests and more. The CBM email system is also connected to Mailchimp and other programs targeting specific group lists.