College Baseball Match 1.0 Released

We reached a major milestone in transitioning from a Beta product to launching a platform-defining version 1.0. This release includes core features and functionality that significantly impacts the user experience. Highlights include the addition of a recruiting roadmap, the ability to upload personal videos, and the "Validate My Resume" feature that signifies to college recruiters that a user's athletic and academic information has been verified by their coach.

Jan 2018 —College Baseball Match

Sum of the Whole Makes its Debut

We are excited to announce the release of We partnered with our creative friends at Wonderful to design and build this initial site for Sum of the Whole. Over the next several months, we will be working on adding robust features, back-end capabilities, and algorithms to expand to a fully operational site that will include both real-time home value assessments and equity-share financing offers. Stay tuned for updates.

May 2018 —Sum of the Whole

SMi Source

Work continues on SMi Source to improve the user experience, content, features, and performance of the system. In May, we rolled out a new version of SMi's content management system with several improvements including new code base, infrastructure, and software. This upgrade was a critical step for continued system stability, consistency, and performance. New features such as improved search capability and code updates to support the migration of swf to mp4 files were also added. Coming soon is an enhanced lesson editor, updated help content and much more.

May 2018 —


Gatelets continues to grow and evolve with both new and existing clients. We currently have an immediate need for a part-time web developer with experience in HTML/5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Backend skills are a huge plus (database, Java or other sever-end technology). Position location is in the SF Bay area. If you're interested in joining our team, send your resume to


College Baseball 1 R4 Released

Gatelets just released a significant update to College Baseball Match (CBM). In this build we have introduced a new subscription model (various pricing models), a new user wizard to support optimized profile setup and many other useful goodies. In the last build we introduced an improved mobile experience, updated social algorithm, new college coaching staff lists, and importantly a new "Ambassador" program.

May 30th 2017 —College Baseball Match

Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology — SMi Source

01/04/2017, ScienceMedia wins the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards. Gatelets is the development team for the SMi Source product.

Jan 2017 —

College Baseball Match Beta Begins!

01/15/2017, the College Baseball Match Beta site has been released. The CBM proprietary matching algorithm helps high school baseball prodigies find the right colleges to maximize athletic and academic abilities.

Jan 2017 —College Baseball Match

Vertical Tracker 2.0 Released!

This release brings an absolute user interface overhaul and a bunch of new features including CRM capabilities, V-Connect integration, Sales Assistant to notify sales of key actions to take, Task Manager and brand new dashboards for reporting and analysis.

Jan 1 2017 — Vertical Tracker

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

We have moved all customers from our Core to our environment on AWS. This is a very exciting time for Gatelets and our customers. AWS enables us to give our customers extensive new features and services. Read

Jan 2017


Gatelets continues to grow and evolve. Jan 1 a new Project Manager has joined our ranks to help us continue improving our customer communication and planning capabilities. We will be posting some new jobs here soon.

Jan 2017


2016 was a busy year for Gatelets. We worked on various customer projects and we focused on ourselves. In May we moved to a new version of Gatelets Core (2016) — a radical overhaul of the Core code system that includes deeper support for SaaS systems (accounts, companies, users), improved Group security performance, a new Team concept, and importantly a very new page and action dispatching system that is more flexible and extensible.

SMi Source 3.3

This release introduced the ability for customers to subscribe online and brought various fixes and improvements to the system. As with every Source release, the content is increased and improved.

November 2016 —

Cellar 2.4

This release introduced more workflow support including Credit Memos and Special Pricing Requests.

December 2016 —

Tracker 1.5 Released

New leaderboards, leads reporter and a sophisticated data analysis dashboard helps executives see stalled opportunities, track forecasts and even support custom months and quarters

September 2016 — Vertical

Rentals Support for Shopify

Working with the Skyroam team, Gatelets helped extend the Shopify experience to support a rentals program.

June 2016 —

Solsken PR

Working with Wonderful, we developed a clean minimalist Web site for the PR firm Solksen. Behind the scenes are all the tools to enable the company to update their content.

April 2016 —

Matarozzi Pelsinger 3.0

A move to Core 8 along with upgrade to Bootstrap 3.*. A focus on subtle UI improvements, a new Avenir font type to improve sophistication, portfolio optimization, new self-serve administration environment and a 100% mobile version

Jan 2016 — released

New site and system released — this is a large ecosystem that integrates with other services such as V-Connect and WaveAnswers.

Jan 2016 —