Code is at our core, but it's not all we do. Gatelets Managed IT lends support to your applications as well as your team from idea conception to creation and then some. Over the years, we have developed a state-of-the-art environment using Amazon Web Services that provides hosting, security, 24/7 system monitoring and more.

Product Life Cycle

Gatelets thinks about your entire ecosystem — development, testing, Beta programs, routine updates, significant new versions, scaling and optimization. We provide a full stack solution and treat your product as a longterm program that should grow and change. Every customer as a full product life cycle plan and configuration in place.


Gatelets has put in place technology and resources to ensure that when you reach out for help you get a fast and knowledgable response. Depending on the size or complexity of a product, different programs and people are put in place — from basic product support to full development resources.

We have always set out to give our customers something special. AWS enables us to do just this.

Our IT team lends support to your applications as well as your team from idea conception to creation and then some. Early on we saw that default configurations or approaches only took you part of the way. We wanted to provide customers (and ourselves) with the infrastructure to scale and perform optimally.

Every customer has their own 'stack' that is 100% configured to support their business and application needs. Period. We don't sit back and take on the default configurations — our Amazon experts create customer-specific configurations that exceed demands. Services range from servers and customer networking configurations to massive storage solutions, Elastic Cloud, RDS, Email, SMS, Code Commit and much more.

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Products evolve right? We plan for that.

Products evolve, so shouldn't you plan accordingly? Often we get a new product to market quickly and then subsequent releases will focus on specific areas to introduce new functionality or 'fill-out' an area of the application.

To enable this, we put in place an infrastructure to support the product evolution: testing environments, prototyping areas, Alpha/Beta servers, software build systems, multiple synched database systems and more. So while your market your production product you can also test new ideas with VIP customers and enhance your product with new awesome features.

That's not all! We also constantly audit and monitor your applications — over time this gives us very useful information including a better understanding of how the application is used. Using this extesive information you can make important decisions about your product and we determine whether we need to do tweak anything.