Project Management

Every project has a dedicated project manager responsible for coordinating activities, managing timelines, setting expectations and importantly ensuring we are all communicating optimally. Gatelets also uses a variety of products to streamline the Project Management process — the goal to always keep communication flowing and ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Our apps are implemented using Gatelets Core — our foundational Java layer. From there we use cutting-edge tools and services to build secure, robust, flexible and scalable applications. Typically we will employ a fast-moving agile development approach, enabling quick iterations and continuos forward movement.


Quality control engineers are assigned to our projects — responsible for developing automated tests or running manual processes to check performance or find problems. The Web is a complex space where products must run seamlessly on a plethora of platforms and device types — testing is a fundamental part of our process.

Building for the Enterprise

Gatelets delivers solutions using a variety of services. We build all of our applications using our backbone Gatelets Core. Core provides us with the back-end services to build rich business Web applications faster and more reliably. Years of evolution have enabled us to add and refine capabilities we know we need including security, data manipulation, storage, caching and more.

Other services we typically use:

Server Development
  • Java MVC
  • Oracle or MySQL database
  • Tomcat 8+
  • SOLR 5+
  • Google API's: GSON etc.
  • Various other open source API's
Client Development
  • Bootstrap 3,4
  • jQuery, jQuery UI
  • AngularJS
  • Handlebars
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Various components
Hosting: Amazon Web Services
  • RDS (databases)
  • S3 Storage
  • Elastic Cloud
  • CodeCommit
  • Mail
  • SMS
  • ...
  • GitHub Source Control
  • Automation: Maven, Jenkins
  • Google Analytics, Commerce

Software development is a complex and ever-changing space. We have to balance the use of new exciting technologies and older mature environments that provide reliable outcomes. Gatelets will assess the current and future needs of any product and develop a development plan accordingly.